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New Patient Consultation & Acupuncture | 1hr
If you are a new patient and haven't had any treatment with me previously a longer consultation and slightly shorter treatment is needed.
Acupuncture | 1hr
For all follow-up treatments for returning patients.
Payment is taken when you come for treatment. Cash and credit/debit card payments accepted.
Acupuncture - Ancient Meridians

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture works by improving the movement of energy/Qi, which can be seen as a kind of bio electricity within our bodies, freeing up energy stagnation and blood flow and thereby allowing organs to be fully nourished and work properly. In this regard acupuncture can be particularly helpful at treating health issues which have become chronic.

When you first get symptoms, acupuncture can quickly bring your body back into balance. When symptoms are left for too long, they take longer  to treat, so it pays to treat problems at an early stage.

What to expect


The initial consultation involves evaluating your symptoms from a Chinese medicine perspective.  This involves  asking various questions that help evaluate the relative balance of yin and yang energies in the body and the amount of qi you have available and how well it is flowing.  There is also a tongue and pulse diagnosis to provide further information. The Chinese medicine diagnosis is based on these findings. 

Treatment is a process, it takes time to regain health. Treatment time varies from person to person, depending on how long and how severe a health problem is as well as the age and constitution of each individual.  Chinese medicine is not a magic bullet and requires patience!

Taking your pulse - diagnosis
Health insights and health benifits
What to expect

Acupuncture treatment

Needles are inserted with a quick and light tap. You probably won't feel the insertion. When the needles are in a bit deeper you should feel a slight ache or electric sensation. This is what we want!  The feeling is brief, after a few minutes you should feel very relaxed and possibly fall asleep!

Acupuncture takes time to work, therefore needles need to be left in for at least 30 minutes to have a positive effect.


What sort of clothing should I wear for treatment?
If you can, try to wear loose clothing! Most points are below the elbows and knees, so wearing loose clothing usually means less need to adjust your clothing. But don't worry if you forget!
Does it hurt?
I use very thin needles, much thinner than a hypodermic needle used by doctors and also thinner than the needles which tend to be used in China. This makes the acupuncture sensation acceptable to most people. You should feel a brief electrical or achey sensation with at least some of the needles, either when they enter the skin or when manipulated to access energy. 

This is good, as it means the acupuncture is having an effect. The sensations usually only last a few seconds and the rest of the time you should feel comfortable, very relaxed and possibly sleepy This is your body healing!
What can I expect after treatment?
You may or may not feel a little more tired for 1 or 2 days after treatment and require a bit more sleep. This is your body healing! All perfectly normal. Any changes will be your body adjusting and healing.
Do you treat pregnancy conditions and illnesses?
Unfortunatley, no. My practice focuses on conception and fertility related issues.
What can I expect after treatment?
You may or may not feel a little more tired for 1 or 2 days after treatment and require a bit more sleep. This is your body healing! All perfectly normal. Any changes will be your body adjusting and healing.
Is acupuncture unscientific?
Western medicine can be life saving for serious and acute conditions, such as car accident traumas and acute episodes of cardiac arrest and mechanical fixes with modern technology, such as hip replacements can help, however, in many other cases treatment tends to simply suppress symptoms rather than provide a cure. Suppressing symptoms merely drives the condition deeper in the body or transfers the problem to different organ systems. Suppressing symptoms is not a cure, but it may make you feel more comfortable in the short term.

Modern physics has a deep understanding of energy and so does Chinese medicine! Unfortunately, recent discoveries in physics have not found their way into the 'public square'. However, they do support the concept of energy and matter being interchangeable. This is the basis of Chinese medicine. Our bodies are made of physical substances, but they are animated by energy! Without energy there is no life, so acupuncture encourages it's production and its free flow through the body, which then creates good health!
Does acupuncture work?
I believe you can use logic, intuition and honesty to work out the important problems in this world!
It really isn't logical for people to use medical treatments for thousands of years which don't work! You could argue that Chinese medicine worked for thousands of years because of the placebo effect, but you could also say the same about western medicine, the best of which was created through trial and error! There was a far greater incentive for Chinese people to use medicine which worked, when they did not rely on a welfare state as we do today. You had to stay healthy to keep working for your family, it was as simple as that!

Western medicine hasn't spent much time and effort to understand acupuncture, but that's not really the fault of acupuncture! It might benefit us as a society to realise that the West does not have all the answers and perhaps we could learn from other ancient civilisations such as the Chinese one. I believe that Chinese medicine is one of the greatest healing medical traditions in the World. A little humility would go a long way, I think Western medicine is the greatest medical technology in the World, but it isnt't a healing medicine!
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