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Spiritual Law and Healing

Spirit, Consciousness and Matter, are all inseparable in Life.  We live on this planet to learn and grow.  Through experiencing pain, we are able […]
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Qi, the energy of the universe

Qi, the energy of the universe

Chinese Medicine works with our body's Qi or bioelectricity, an understanding of Qi is vital to understanding how Chinese Medicine works - so what is it?
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Disease and ways to treat it

Disease, and ways to treat it

Every health issue has a root cause and most health problems begin at the level of 'energy' (Qi). Before a health issue becomes obvious, there has to be a disturbance or imbalance at this energy level.
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Looking after your health during the menopause

How to deal with the menopause

Firstly, the menopause is not a disease, it is instead the end of our fertility and the start of a new phase in our lives. If there are health problems around the time of the menopause, these are a continuation of health imbalances already present in our lives.
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What is Chinese Medicine

What is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine is the healing tradition practised by the Chinese for thousands of years, and is the system of thought which underpins practices such as acupuncture.
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