Disease, and ways to treat it

Disease and ways to treat it
Every health issue has a root cause and most health problems begin at the level of 'energy' (Qi). Before a health issue becomes obvious, there has to be a disturbance or imbalance at this energy level.
Disease as an imbalance if Qi

The development of disease

When we are healthy we are not aware of any symptoms. At this point our Qi is balanced and healthy. When we start to feel unwell, it is usually at the energy level. At this point you may start to feel vague discomfort and symptoms.

At a later stage, our internal organs start to show signs of an energy dysfunction and they stop communicating harmoniously with each other.  Symptoms become more prominent and uncomfortable.  At this point, health problems will not show up on standard medical tests because they are unable to pick up problems at the level of energy. This is known as a function disorder. 

At this last level, the function disorder has now developed into a more serious problem which will show up on medical tests.

When imbalances occur we can treat them with the following:

Acupuncture quality and safety assurance


In the body, Qi flows through invisible energy pathways called meridians and it activates, warms and nourishes our body. 

When there is a blockage in the meridians, Qi cannot flow freely and illness is the result. Acupuncture needles are used to relieve energy blockages along the meridians to help the flow of Qi. 

Organ function can also be readjusted by acupuncture to restore internal balance and harmony among our organs. 

Energy acupuncture requires deep insight into the cause of health problems and in order to identify which organs have been affected. It is the understanding, skill and energy level of the practitioner which makes acupuncture work.

Treating disease with herbal medicine

Herbal Medicine

Chinese medicine has used herbal medicine as a way of healing the body for thousands of years. 

The Chinese have identified and classified the properties of thousands of herbs over thousands of years and have understood how they heal the body. 

Chinese medicine uses herbs in a unique way. In a formula the individual herbs work together to make a substance which is more healing than the individual parts. 

Different herbs have a specific role to play in the healing process, addressing different objectives and directing the formula to specific parts of the body.

Treating disease by using food therapy

Food Therapy

Food has a powerful healing energy. The Chinese have studied the healing power of foods for thousands of years. 

Chinese medicine believes that food has a specific healing essence which works in the body at the energy level.

You may wish to try specific foods which help to heal particular organs which are in need of healing support. 

This is different from the western understanding of food, such as knowledge of vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates.

Different organs of the body reach their peak of activity in different seasons. For example the Liver is most active during the Spring. So during the Spring it is a good idea to nourish the Liver with foods that naturally help to heal the Liver organ, such as green leafy vegetables.

Live life in a way which reflects your life's mission

From the Chinese perspective, everything happens for a reason. When we find ourselves in the midst of a healing crisis we can choose to see it as a path towards our own healing and growth or as an inconvenience or obstacle in our way. The body/mind/spirit has wisdom. When not living your life in a way which reflects your life’s mission and spiritual purpose, your body can start to produce symptoms in order to try and initiate positive change.

With all this in mind its important to listen to our bodies and what they might be trying to tells us. With the correct diagnosis we can then go on to make changes to help restore our body's natural equilibrium and promote good health.

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