Spiritual Law and Healing

Spirit, Consciousness and Matter, are all inseparable in Life.  We live on this planet to learn and grow.  Through experiencing pain, we are able to have contrast, which allows us to know Joy.  Through Love we find healing, purpose and meaning.  We are immortal Souls learning and making mistakes through free will.  Power comes through choosing to be positive, choosing to be kind, choosing to forgive. Forgiveness is important, because we need to make mistakes in order to eventually learn correctly. Acupuncture can help us on our way.  The acupuncture meridians, i believe are part of the spiritual/ body interface.  The Spirit is primary and controls the body, which is why true healing starts at the level of Spirit.

Our World is dualistic, all things are either Yin or Yang.  Our destiny is to find balance between these two forces, in the Body and in the World.  Our Society is unbalanced and as a result so are we.  It's important to start a Spiritual journey towards balance and understanding.  We can only do this through free will and a free society where we are able to make mistakes, be forgiven and learn.  The World is changing, and inevitably we will find balance between Yin and Yang, because this is a natural law and balance must always ultimately prevail.

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