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After 8 years of trying to conceive and treatment from three TCM practitioners, I began having treatment with Vivienne. She was always happy to explain the treatment she was giving me, and her diagnosis of any issues she thought I may have in regard to fertility. She even devised a special treatment for possible implantation failure due to immune factors. One month after taking this treatment, I became pregnant at the age of 41. I had nearly given up hope by then, and really couldn’t believe it!

I gave birth to a healthy son on January the 2nd 2014. I know this would never have happened without Vivienne’s help and cannot recommend her highly enough.


I have a punishing work schedule and before I started having regular acupuncture and herbal prescriptions I was frequently suffering from bronchitis and asthma attacks. My sickness record is now better than any one else’s at work and I have lots of energy to deal with all the demands I have.


Before I first saw Vivienne I had been under the NHS pain clinic for over a decade for nerve pain and tried numerous drugs and treatments, that had at best reduced the pain level (be it temporarily) by about 20%. However, over 5 months Vivienne’s treatment has gently chipped away at the pain bringing it down by at least 75%, which is far over and above any expectations I had. 

The needles are NOT put into the area affected by pain, but use a type of mirroring/reflection technique. I found some sites, although effective, were quite painful to needle and Vivienne went out of her way to find different types and sizes of needles etc. I believe her compassion and flexibility are the reasons why she is so good and effective at what she does. In addition to diminishing the pain, I find Vivienne’s acupuncture has a particularly positive effect on my overall health. Vivienne is a both a calm and calming person, and I have felt genuinely listened to and a real sincerity in Vivienne’s wish both to relieve pain and care for my overall wellbeing. I am truly grateful to her.


I have had pain for nearly 3 years. It was coming to the point where I was taking time off work. This short treatment has vastly improved my standard of life. I wake up and feel no pain, something I am not used to. It’s great. I have tried many things. This is the only treatment that has helped.


When I first came for treatment I was extremely weak and ill from a long-term virus that meant I was in bed all day and could hardly walk. I was worried that I would never get better but each treatment made a huge positive impact. I have seen other acupuncturists in the past but none have been as effective as Vivienne.

Vivienne has a very comforting and supportive manner, is very knowledgable and experienced and really took the time to understand my symptoms. I am now enjoying a full life, back at work and enjoying all my usual activities. In short Vivienne has completely transformed my health, I simply cannot recommend Vivienne highly enough!


Found the process of acupuncture very relaxing. It helped significantly with the stress of quitting smoking.  It also helped to change attitude and mentality with regards to smoking. After the first session my smoking was cut down to almost nothing, after two, I felt confident that I could quit. If you want to quit, this treatment is very good at providing you with the extra support.

Your health is important, keep yourself well!
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